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How to Choose the Best Antique Iron Platform Bed Frames

Antique iron bed frames are among the best options to improve the interior decor of your bedroom. This certain frame brings elegant and also classic touch to your interior. If you want to have an authentic antique bed, you can try to find some items in the antique market. However, even though those antique iron bed frames are sold in used condition, the value makes the price of those metal bed frames quite high.

When you are considering antique iron bed frames, you might find three common serious problems. First, you might find some badly-fitting or even missing side rails. Second, the hitches where the rails are connected to the bed might be broken. And the third most common problem will be severe rust. Usually, these problems are commonly found in some antique iron bed frames available in the market. Therefore, check well your selected antique frame before buying it.

You can find antique iron bed frames in many different selections of sizes. You can find an antique ornate iron bed in twin size, queen size, king size platform bed frame , as well as full iron beds. Besides, you can also find some antique iron bed frames in king size platform beds, too. Match the size of the bed with the décor of your bedroom in order to get a platform bed frame that is not only attractive but also efficient.

However, if you set a limited budget for this improvement, you can also consider some new products in antique design. Those products are not the real antique iron bed frames. Instead, those products are new products made by some furniture manufacturers by using antique designs. Those units come at cheaper prices than the real antique frames, but you can still get the best advantages of antique iron bed frames to your home interior, especially the bedroom.

Here are some best selections of antique iron bed frames you can try to consider. Get the most suitable bed frame that suits your room the most.

Hillsdale Milwaukee Headboard Antique Brown Full/Queen

As the first selection among some popular antique iron bed frames is Hillsdale Milwaukee Headboards Antique Bed frame. This certain product comes in an attractive brown finish. It is available in full/queen size and the attractive design match many different interior décors. This is on the same list of popular kids' iron beds, storage beds, and other popular products offered by Hillsdale.

Cleaning this certain type of antique iron platform bed frame is quite simple. Just use a clean dusting cloth to wipe and dust the frame. However, you should not use abrasive or wax cleaners since they might damage the frame, especially the finish. To improve the appearance, this bed frame is completed with an arched headboard.

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Coaster Queen Size Iron Bed in Antique Green Finish

The second option of the antique iron bed frames is Coaster Queen Size Iron Bed. With the Antique and attractive green finish, this item could be one of some great accessories that improve the beauty of your room. This decorative iron bed also comes with a durable construction so you can use the bed for a longer period.

Besides, this certain type of antique iron platform bed frame also features wrap about the corner of the footboard and headboard. Adding this certain frame to your bedroom allows you to sleep in higher elegance and comfort. Match this bed with a nightstand in order to create a graceful and elegant look in your room.

King Size Hillsdale Jacqueline Panel Metal Antique Platform Bed in Dark Gray Finish

Then, you can also take a look at the antique iron bed frames. This certain bed frame allows you to add a touch of glamour and also a luxury to your room. From this certain frame, you can get the beauty of ornate spindles, embroidered scrollwork, as well as decorative castings. Decorative details are added in this certain bed in order to add a higher impression.

This particular model of antique iron bed frames comes in an antique dark gray finish. The fully welded construction of the attractive traditional style bed allows you to get a strong and sturdy bed frame. This frame is available in queen, full, and also king size platform bed
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