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SQL Prompt 10.4 does not install on Visual Studio 2015

No error and only installs on SSMS.


  • Could I ask whether the installer seemed to have run successfully? If so, what happens when you open a SQL file or a SQL Server Object Explorer window?

    due to a restriction from Microsoft that requires plugins to be loaded asynchronously, SQL Prompt should only show up in Visual Studio when you open those. Please see the below article for some more info:

  • Answer to Martin_K
    1/ There is no error on installation. And it was done with option  SSMS and Visual studio
    2/ Yes I am aware of that. SQL Prompt should be active only on Database Projects items. And since I installed Version 10 of SQL Prompt, I do not see it on any ".sql" file in Databases Projects. It was OK before with SQL Prompt V9.
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