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Sql Agent 2.0

Hi All

I recently saw this article and definitely agree. https://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/the-case-for-sql-server-agent-2-0

SQL Agent is always a massive part of what we do in the data warehouse world - it's good its just a bit lacking and the UI is painful especially when doing stuff with SSIS etc.

I have used a few enterprise schedulers - Cisco Tidal was really expensive and pretty lame and buggy.  I then went to a place with some software by arcanadev called Ad Tempus 4 which was cheap, easy to use and reliable and gave us so much more even though it wasn't really designed for sql server.

Anyways, my thoughts are that it would be amazing if a company like red-gate could make an ingeniously simple sql agent 2.0 unless microsoft are already planning something in that space??

anyone have any other alternatives that they use??

have a good Christmas all :)

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