do I scale devops

likithsunlikithsun HyderabadPosts: 5 New member
I have created azure devops with a few organizations/projects in it. Do I need to scale or replicate it across different datacenters so all the developers across the globe can access it? Any references appreciated.


  • alenjoseph015alenjoseph015 Posts: 1 New member
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    Check the Azure DevOps Service Status Portal for any issues that may cause a service degradation, such as increased queue time for agents. A pipeline may run for a long time and then fail due to job time-out. Job timeout closely depends on the agent being used. An azure consulting service can help you on Azure DevOps and Scrum.
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    You can try the status portal of your Azure DevOps Service that provides the scaling by Establish a central group,  Establish common expectations and staffing models, etc
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