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Release Notes link directing to Atlassian login page

This may be a transient issue and is solved by navigating to the correct documentation page, but the link that is being shown for me is not correct. 

I am referring to the page you are directed to after clicking the update notification in the top right of the sqlmonitor window. It directs to the update.red-gate.com site, but the release notes link is pointing to something behind an Atlassian login page.

The link in SQLMonitor takes me here: https://update.red-gate.com/updatecontrols/details.aspx?etc=287930133&guid=73182bb5-4183-4341-a2cd-bd7479023aa9&update=3745

The link it displays for the release notes is this: https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SM10/sql+monitor+10.2+release+notes

I've not seen release notes hidden behind a login page before, so I suspect this is an accident. Perhaps this is the URI for internal users to edit the docs instead? 


Joe Harkins

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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Just to confirm, are you actually updating from 10.1.4?  And are you clicking on the update banner from within the product to get to the update link each time or are you using the same link above?  If you try once more now, (having refreshed the page and/or opened a new browser window) clicking from the banner within the product does it still have an issue?
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