New variation of "An item with the same key ... " error

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I am unable to compare two of my databases. Each one has the same problem. There are multiple schemas in these databases, and there are some tables with the same name in both schemas.

If "Treat items as case sensitive" is checked, I get "An item with the same key has already been added".

If "Treat items as case sensitive" is NOT checked, I get "A duplicate object name has been found. This may occur is the SQL Server that you are registering is case sensitive but the case sensitive option is not set.".

My version number is I also downloaded SQL Compare 8 and had the same problem.

I would hope this is a bug, since it is perfectly acceptable to have objects with the same name in multiple schemas. It seems like SQL Compare is not recognizing the the schema.


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    Hi Wyatt70

    I am having trouble reproducing this here, would it be possible to send me some SQL Compare snapshots of the data sources or scripts folders of the schema using SSMS if Compare will not complete the snapshot?

    If you could e-mail them to support@red-gate.com quoting reference F0020797 that would be great.
    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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