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SQL Prompt Applies 'casing rule' to TEXT Strings

ArnieRowlandArnieRowland Portland, OR USA Posts: 9 Bronze 1
Case Rules -built-in function, data types, system variables == lower case

1. The word 'STATUS' in a longer TEXT string is being  changed to match the rule. It is NOT desired to have ANY content inside TEXT strings forced to match casing rules.

2. Casing for the word 'STATUS' is changed to match the rule. 'STATUS ' is NOT a built-in function, data types, system variables -or even a reserved word. Why?


  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,043 Diamond 4
    I've asked for more information in the ticket you opened as well, as it doesn't seem to change the string text for me.  If you can reply there with the requested information I will update here with what we find in the end!
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