How are you preparing for future?

Pandemic time has seen people retracting from the streets and staying at home and family. Even for the people who work in MNCs and local business alike, were forced to work from home. 
For the last decade, discussion revolving around the technology and remote work possibilities were everywhere. Millions have joined the bandwagon. The situations proved that with the help of technology people can stay connected and can finish the majority of the work.

Not just the healthcare sector technology is gaining importance as well. humanoid robots are proved to be a successful replacement for the nurse. And virtual assistants were able to provide remote access to expert's service.


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    Covid-19 is having a unique impact on our society. There is also strong evidence that various technologies will see stimulated adoption in the coming years because people become more tech-savvy as they adopt technology while working from home.
    During the lockdown, many institutions have conducted studies to analyze How COVID-19 impacted their organization, and where they see things going from here?
    Data shows that the number of people accessed to IoT services and IoT devices has increased drastically. With the help of technology, people were able to stay connected with each other. From engaging in a conference to interacting with the loved one in real-time, IoT played a crucial role in relief from boredom and entertainment.
    Technology proved that you don't need to be physically present at the workplace to meet your daily targets.
    Now let’s think about the outside world. Lockdown time also witnessed a reduction in global environmental pollution. Many forums have reported a drastic fall in global carbon emission and cities like Tokyo, Beijing, and Delhi were free from air pollution. 
    More and more things around us are getting connected to the internet. Cars, streetlights, pollution sensors, traffic monitoring, security systems, online delivery lockers, health monitors, parking garages, energy meters, trackers for goods, pets, or motorbike.
    Once we start adapting the technology-enabled services and devices we could live to see a day free from pollution.
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    Nowadays eLearning is the area that is highly trending due to COVID-19. When the worldwide lockdown has been pushed by the governments in that time each education industry must adopt an online eLearning application. eLearning Application is very useful for a student to learn online in pandemic time.
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