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SQL Prompt for Azure Data Studio is now in public preview!

TomWTomW Posts: 108 Gold 1
edited May 14, 2020 12:55PM in SQL Prompt
We're excited to announce that the SQL Prompt extension for Azure Data Studio is now available for download for free from the link below.

The aim of this public preview is to learn from the ADS community about how SQL Prompt can enhance your developer experience.

With SQL Prompt, you can use an extensive collection of code snippets to write your SQL code quickly and efficiently. You can also keep your code consistent using the powerful formatting capability, with the ability to customise the applied style to suit your preferences.

We'd love to hear your feedback. You can get in touch with the team either via the new SQL Prompt in ADS forum or you can email us at sqlprompt.in.ads@red-gate.com

Get started with SQL Prompt for Azure Data Studio now. Download it here
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    jsreynolds1jsreynolds1 Posts: 84 Silver 1
    Hi Tom,

    I keep trying Azure Data Studio over and over again each few months, but it's simply too unstable in many areas each time I attempt to make it my go-to.

    I do however find myself using DataGrip more and more, especially as its database product footprint expands. Its sql formatting is pretty darn good, but no-where near as functional as the SQL Prompt product I've been using for years.

    Has Red-Gate ever considered pursuing an add-in for DataGrip by chance?


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    Hi @jsreynolds1

    It's not something that we've pursued thus far, but we're definitely planning to keep an eye on how many people move towards other dedicated database IDEs such as DataGrip.

    We'd love to learn a bit more about your experiences of using DataGrip and Azure Data Studio. Could you elaborate on some of things you enjoy/dislike about each one?


    Software Engineer for SQL Prompt
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