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  • IgnitionIgnition Posts: 2 New member
    Hi, Thanks for setting a Community forum and for asking.
    Yes I am using SQL Monitor, specially now that we are more security conscious, I have setup an Alert following the recommendations for custom metrics for SQL Injection and then set an Alert base on the new metric.

    I have also setup an extended event to capture failed scripts which I've copied from a post by Kendra Little.

    I would like the SQL Injection Alert to start a job to capture all the failed scripts 2 minutes before and after the Alert, so as to give me a narrowed down set of data to review.

    Could you recommend a way that I can achieve this?
    One of my ideas is to create a custom metric using MS Windows Server Performance monitor base on the SQL Injection counter and then set an alert to start a predefined Task or run a script, but then maybe there is another way of doing this using the tools we are very familiar with ... Red-Gate and SSMS

    Thanks in advance, Ignacio

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