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New capabilities in the Deployment Suite for Oracle – migrations, static code analysis, and Linux

We have added additional capabilities to the Deployment Suite for Oracle, which you get for free if your license is still under support. The new capabilities include: 

  • Safely automate releases with migration scripts on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS 

  • Static code analysis to ensure best practices and naming conventions are being followed on Windows or Linux

  • Run state-based deployments and automation checks (like reports and drift detection) on Linux 

If you have an initiative to automate your database releases in 2020, I’d love to talk with you about your plans and see if any of the above will help.  You can email me directly at stephanie.herr@red-gate.com.     

We look forward to hearing from you in 2020!
Stephanie Herr    :-)
Database DevOps Product Manager 

Thank you!
Stephanie M. Herr    :-)
Product Manager Database DevOps
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