Sql doc does nothing

Just trying to use SQL Doc, right clicked the database, chose "Document" and nothing happens but a brief hourglass.  Same with several databases.  I am logged in as sa.   I have run Red-Gate updates and am on SQL Compare 14.1.

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  • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,779 Rose Gold 5
    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    Using SSMS 18.3.1 and with SQL Doc V5.0.7.1958 I am unable to replicate the reported problem.

    What version of SSMS are you using?

    What version of SQL Doc do you have installed?

    Are you able to document your database by starting SQL Doc from outside SSMS, via the Start menu?
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  • Hi, Eddie,
    I'm so embarrassed.  I could not find the program in my Start search and wasn't sure whether it was part of another program.  I downloaded the SQL Toolbelt again, and it turns out I had had it installed before but forgot that my computer was reimaged after that, and it didn't get reinstalled.  It is now working.  Thanks for your time.
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