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What exact credentials is SQL Source Control git login asking for?

I am using SSMS 2012 with SQL Source Control 5 and 6.

I recently switched my team from TFVC to Git and had no issue successfully linking my databases to the proper Git repository locations.

However, when trying to run any Git commands through SQL Source Control (Pull from remote repository, Push) I am prompted to enter credentials before attempting the Git command.

Here is my question: what credentials is it asking for?

When I enter my accurate git credentials (Azure DevOps Services username and password managed by Azure Active Directory), it fails with a 'Invalid Credentials' message.

When storing my Git credentials in the local and global credentials store, it fails with a 'Invalid Credentials' message.

When storing my Git credentials through cleartext in both the local and global gitconfig, it fails with a 'Invalid Credentials' message.

Here is the frustrating part, when I got frustrated and tried using my username (domain email) and passwords I have used historically in the past for the username, I was able to successfully log in (and the Credentials.xml gets generated)

How do I tell me team how to login? Their accurate passwords get denied.

Is there something that I am missing and the prompt is actually asking for a username and password for SSMS, Redgate, or some other tool?

Any help would be appreciated. Note: I have already implemented the solution found here: https://forum.red-gate.com/post/question/it%20fails%20with%20a%20'Invalid%20Credentials'%20message.


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