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Not able to view the Database Diff Report in Azure Devops Build pipeline

I was able to use the Redgate Ready Roll extension in Azure Devops Build and Release Pipeline. Everything was working fine till 8th April,2019. Now, suddenly I am facing below challenges.
  • I am not able to view the Database Diff Report in AzureDevops Build Pipeline. On the other hand the Database reports are getting generated and present in Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory. I can Download the Same (.html) from publish artifact of build definition and can view the changes.

  • When I click on Database Diff Report Tab in Build , I got below message

  • Also in the Summary Tab of Build Pipeline, In Database deployment preview I am getting Below Message

Any help will be appreciable. Thanks in Advance.


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    If you haven't done it already, I suggest you raise the issue with our support team as this might be a potential regression we need to look further into. Thanks

    Have you considered using our latest SCA Build and SCA Release plugins?
    Andrea Angella
    Lead Software Engineer | Red Gate
    Website: www.productivecsharp.com
    Twitter: @angella_andrea
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    AnanddeshAnanddesh Posts: 6 New member
    @Andrea_Angella : Its been observed that the Tab (Database Diff Reports & Database Script) Are only Visible If you install the ReadyRoll Extension.
    I have Tried to install the SQL Change Automation Extension With that I can't see the 
    (Database Diff Reports & Database Script) Tab in Build Definition. 

    With ReadyRoll  Extension I am able to Generate the Database Diff Reports & Database Script. Only thing is Its Present in the Artifact & When I click on These tab I get Loading Tab as I have mention this in my Question.
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