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I'd like to be able to make the performance of our SQL Servers more transparent to my bosses. In particular, I'd like to be able to report on worst queries for blocking, most common deadlock situations, and performance stats over time.

Is there any way to query & report on the data that SQL Response is collecting?


  • The ability to query and report on the data that SQL Response collects has been requested by a number of other customers. It is logged in our tracking system and I have added your ticket number to the issue. It will be considered for a future release of SQL Response although I cannot guarantee if/when it may be included.
  • I've just purchased SQL Respones and like what I see so far. The abscence of reports or at least a query function is a glaring ommision. When will this be added?
  • Hi John

    Thanks for your question. Just to say that we're currently working on the new version of SQL Response (v2.0), and Reporting will definitely form part of that release. The back-end will be SQL Server, allowing the user to generate his/her own reports and run queries as required.

    Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?


    Ben Rees
  • At a minimum, having a queryable repository would be expected. Having some canned reports to handle common scenarios would be even better. One thing that comes to mind is showing the chain of blocking that occured or a histogram of processes that cause the most blocking.

    Glad to see there will be something in this area with version 2...bring it on!
  • John

    Thanks for the feedback - the plan is to deliver a series of canned reports, primarily as examples and to cover the obvious things users would like to see. This is because our research has found that almost every customer wants different reports to be provided - covering all of these would lead to an overwhelming volume of reports out-of-the-box, most of which would be of little use a individual user.


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