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Installation on a Docker container and Azure DevOps build/release pipeline

MCWLMCWL Posts: 1 New member
is it possible to install SmartAssembly in a Docker container (so install it without a graphical UI setup)?
Is there any plan to support the use of SmartAssembly as a task of an Azure DevOps build or relase pipeline?
Thank you in advance


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    No current plans to no I'm afraid, but we will be looking at Azure DevOps for all the dot net tools in the future. 
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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    gzouggzoug Posts: 1 New member
    Do we have any update for this? Is it planned?
    We are currently in need to move our bare-metal build environment to an onPremise docker based containerized one so that every build request will spawn a new container, but we are facing a licence issue as each container instance can not be bound to same license (MachineID changes on each container run). Is it possible to apply license on host and reuse that license from container?
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