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I am trying to find a replacement for the built in Source control for SSMS that will allow us to add solutions to source control and manage them from with in SSMS. We have needs to work with multiple solutions and SQL projects with in one database. For example we have multiple development teams working on different interfaces. They all create objects in the database related to their interface. In source safe our interface project folder consists of the SSIS project and the SQL project. The sql project only has the scripts to the objects related to the interface. 

It seems with redgate source control, I can only add all the database objects. Is that correct? Can I pick with objects I want under source control?

I have looked at SSDT database projects, It can work but our developers are use to using SSMS and SQL Solutions.  Just tring to find a plug in that will give use the fuctionality years to come in case VS does not create a plug in for VS2017.


  • Unfortunately SQL Source Control doesn't support SSMS solution and Projects. Can you kindly vote for this post that is already on our user voice forum or create your own one if it's different? 

    The whole idea behind SQL Source Control is to allow db developers to work directly on their db objects. You can decide which object goes to the repository by applying filter beforehand.

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