What is the process of importing .SQB backup files to AWS SQL RDS instance from On-prem SQL Server.

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At our company we are trying to build a DR environment in AWS. We have a Local SQL Server database which is running in On-Prem. In the event of DR, we need to have our DB running in AWS. We are looking for steps to achieve this process?


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    Hi @Harishmuktha,

    You will unfortunately not be able to do this to AWS SQL RDS as this is not supported (see the requirements page).

    This is because the SQL Backup server components are what perform all the work.  This is a Windows service that is installed onto the machine where the instance you want to use SQL Backup on is located.

    With AWS RDS we cannot install this onto the server because it is just a database in the cloud and so it will not work unfortunately.

    You could have a virtual machine in the cloud with SQL Server installed on it and then install SQL Backup on that since you would have access to the server and instance both.

    I hope that helps clarify!

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