SQL Search Not Showing up in SSMS v17.9

Hello -

SQL Search 3.2 is Not Showing up in SSMS v17.9. I did have SQL Search Installed and working on SSMS for SQL Server 16.

Here is a log of events showing where the issue arose. 

Log of Events:

1. I had to uninstall SSMS for SQL Server 16 for another reason.

2. I then installed SSMS v17.9.

3. I tried installing SQL Search 3.2 and the installer stated "this version of the product was "already installed".

4. I went to "Program and Features - Uninstall ", but there was no selection for SQL Search 3.2.

6. I searched your blog and but could not find a reason or fix, Many threads on it but none seemed to apply.

7. So, I uninstalled, all RedGate SQL Toolbelt Essentials. Then got latest off your site as of 10/23/2018, and reinstalled all RedGate SQL Toolbelt Essentials. Thought maybe it was related... These do show up and work.

Any insight on how to remedy this is appreciated.

Thank you,



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  • fletcherdfletcherd Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    edited October 26, 2018 12:51PM

    Victoria -

    Thank you and that worked great. 

    I did get the pro-trial version of the uninstaller. 

    I did a Forced Uninstall...

    I did have to manually search for the SQL Search File Path First. and give this to the Uninstaller.

    Thx, Fletch

    PS - I will try and attached KEY screenshots below....


  • petersnmpetersnm Posts: 1 New member
    fletcherd/Victoria - solution worked.  Thank you a million times over. 
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