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denisjcdenisjc Posts: 2 New member

How do I resolve this error when trying to connect to a server?

It does not happen with the local machine, just remote servers on the network.


  • I am having the same issue
  • Same exact error.  
    I can connect to this database fine using SQL Compare.  
    I can also connect SQL Doc to another remote database ok.
    I am running the most recent version of the program.

    What do I do to debug this issue?
    Are there connection setting somewhere in SQL Doc that I can change the timeout?
    Any one have any ideas?


  • BruceRadtke2017BruceRadtke2017 Posts: 3 New member
    edited January 8, 2019 9:27PM
    Problem solved.
    SQL Doc was "remembering" the hostname of the database ( ie:  "mydatabase").
    Since I last used the program ( and it worked),  the dynamic IP address had changed.
    When I used the IP address instead of hostname,  then the connection worked  (ie:  "").

    (FWIW,  the 'refresh'  button on the connection dialog was NO help).
  • RennieRennie Posts: 1 New member

    I have just fired up SQL Doc 5 and I am getting the same error when trying to connect to a server.

    I have tried both the HOSTNAME and IP but I still get the same error.

    Any ideas?
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