Support of new SQL Server Authentication types?

We use Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, which works fine with SQL Multi Script, if you use a normal SQL server user to connect to the databases. But it would be great if SQL Multi Script supported authentication types like:
  • Active Directory - Universal with MFA support
  • Active Directory - Password
  • Active Directory - Integrated
We have Active Directory admin set up on the SQL Servers and they require those new types of authentication (like Active Directory - Integrated). 



  • Hi @Koll,

    Thank you for your request, I have created a feature request for this with reference SE-815 for adding Azure Active Directory support to SQL MultiScript.  There is no estimated time for this to be worked on at the moment, but please do keep an eye on the release notes and I have also made a reference to this post which will hopefully be updated when it is available.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • rabrab Posts: 1 New member
    edited December 12, 2018 9:11AM
    Is there any timeframe for logging in with mfa support? Also for sql compare and sql datacompare?
  • Hi @rab ,

    I'm not sure if MFA support is included in the Azure active directory support for this.  What I mentioned above is adding a similar option as exists in SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare where you can choose the Active directory password and integrated for Azure Active Directory. 

    I haven't found a feature request for MFA for any of the products; the only one that mentions anything about it is SQL Prompt since that is integrated with SSMS that has the MFA option.

    You should create a uservoice suggestion for MFA support for the comparison tools (SQL Compare here and SQL Data Compare here) and I will add a mention of it to the existing SQL MultiScript feature request since there is no Uservoice for that tool.

    I've split off the follow up comment mentioning this for SCA into that forum and will reply to it there.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • SergioGoncalvesSergioGoncalves PortugalPosts: 3 New member
    Hi, is there any feature request for MFA in SQL Multi Script already?
  • acperkinsacperkins Posts: 1 New member
    It has now been nearly three years since Alex created feature request SE-815 to make SQL Multi Script have connection options on a par with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.  It has also been one year since the last time SQL Multi Script was updated.

    Can we please get an update on where we stand with this feature request for SQL Multi Script?

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