How to generate delta script using SQL Change Automation

I am using Jenkins to generate the package but while generating package its generate complete db objects. I just want added object in the package

Any help!


  • Do you mean just get new objects in your script and ignore any that should be removed or modified?
  • Hi Diogo,

    I mean the package only contain newly created object, removed objects and modified objects

    Is there a way to make it? I am using SQL Source Control for version control with mapped to working folder.

    Thanks In advance

  • I'm sorry @Nirmal_Raisoni but I don't think I've fully understood it yet. Yes, the package contains new objects, removed objects and modified objects which is what you would need to do a database deployment in order to update it.
    Are you after a script that only has new objects in it and ignores modified and removed objects? If it's that I don't think there is a way to get it at the moment. What would that allow you to do?
  • What is your source for the Jenkins package? Are you using SQL Source Control or SCA in Visual Studio to do this?

    The SCA project should produce a set of all migration scripts, but also a package of just changes, based on the target db being set to the downstream environment.
  • If you're using SQL Source Control, the output of the build is the entire repo, because this is the state of the database. Once you use an SCA cmdlet to produce a deployment package that is just the changes.
  • Thanks wayOutwest,

    Yeah I am using SQL Source Control and In Jenkins it is not generating a package of difference,

    I mean I am using New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact -Source $stage -Target $package -FilterPath $filter and it is not generating artifacts in packge?

    Any idea?
  • So, if you look in the folder where you've specified for the release, there should be an Update.sql file. When I run this in TFS/VSTS/Octopus, this is what is generated as a set of artifacts. You can also run this from the command line, using the parameters for your system and look at the ouput. I assume you have a build, correct? The output of the build should be a nuget of all your vcs.

    In my release folder, the folder that I have specified as the location for the package , here's what I see:

  • Thanks wayOutwest and Diogo
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