How to profile a website that has custom applicationhost.config?

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I have Ants Profiler 8.6 (though I have no idea how to do this on the current version either).  I have a solution in VS2017 that has several web applications (some are webforms, some are just api end points) with a custom applicationhost.config in the %solutionDir%\.vs\config, which makes some of these websites a virtual directory of another. 

<site name="Public" id="2">

I am confused as to how to profile the application that respects the applicationhost.config changes.  The UI for the Ants Profiler (under the IIS Express - ASP.NET) lists only WebSite1 (wherever it gets that from).  I've tried downloading Ants Profiler Visual Studio Add-In and selecting Ants/Profile Performance from the menu.  However, that kicks off IIS Express on port 8013 (again, not sure where that comes from) and gets a template of the applicationhost.config from c:\program files\iis express\app server and then it changes it. 

Copied template config file 'C:\Program Files\IIS Express\AppServer\applicationhost.config' to 'C:\Users\rgelb\AppData\Local\Temp\iisexpress\applicationhost201866181729411.config'
Updated configuration file 'C:\Users\rgelb\AppData\Local\Temp\iisexpress\applicationhost201866181729411.config' with given cmd line info.
Starting IIS Express ...
Successfully registered URL "http://localhost:8013/" for site "Development Web Site" application "/"
Registration completed
IIS Express is running.
Enter 'Q' to stop IIS Express

Predictably, when the application runs and the virtual directories are missing, the application fails.

So, how can I profile my solution while respecting the applicationhost.config? 

P.S. I know I can attach to a running process, but I want to profile the startup of the application as well.

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