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SQL Change Automation has been released

SQL Change Automation has been released today and replaces DLM Automation and ReadyRoll on the SQL Toolbelt.

ReadyRoll Core has become SQL Change Automation Core, and it has all the features that ReadyRoll Core had.  You don't need a license key, just continue to use Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 as you did before.

Customers with valid support and upgrades can upgrade to SQL Change Automation. Your existing ReadyRoll projects are compatible with SQL Change Automation and no re-configuration is needed. Additionally you will now be able to use Powershell cmdlets and new VSTS add-ons with your ReadyRoll projects (the older ReadyRoll VSTS add-on will still work).

For more in-depth information please see https://documentation.red-gate.com/sca3

If you are not covered by a valid support and updates agreement, and you use Visual Studio 2017, you can keep on using ReadyRoll, however you will need to turn off auto-updates for the ReadyRoll extension:

In the Visual Studio 2017 menu, under Tools, click Extensions and Updates, then for the installed ReadyRoll for VS2017 extension, untick Automatically update this extension: 

SQL Change Automation upgrade in Visual Studio

No action is required in Visual Studio 2015. 

All future releases will be for SQL Change Automation, and we will stop supporting ReadyRoll, although you can continue using your current version just as it is. 

If you’d like to upgrade to SQL Change Automation and have access to our support team, please contact sales@red-gate.com  

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