KeyNotFoundException during WPF resource merging

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Our company has been using SmartAssembly for a few releases to obfuscate our applications for a while now. In our new release, we've run through many obfuscation tests and keep getting an exception when building a specific DLL of ours. This exception, a KeyNotFoundException generated by a dictionary, hits during merging WPF resources. I've attached a text file with the exception message as a reference. I've seen other posts where users see this error and jump to knowing a style or other WPF resource that causes the issue, but not how they made that jump nor how they resolved it. If I see this error in the SmartAssembly log, how do I track down which WPF resource is causing the issue, and are there any tips to know how to fix those issues?

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    Hi @Seth

    Thanks for your post. 

    This looks like something a support engineer should take a look at for you so please send us a ticket if you have a support contract and don't end up receiving any support here from the community. 

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software


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