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Easily Deobfuscation SmartAssembly 6.11 (Demo)

hello sir i just download and tested my vb.net codes with smart assembly 6.11.2 few days back after changed my exe with smart assembly with all settings checked with obfuscating option, and finally i just dragged my exe to de4dot which is deobfuscating all codes easily !!!!!!


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    Unfortunately it's true that some types of obfuscation can be removed automatically by tools like de4dot. And this will always be true, because fundamentally the program still has to run on the CLR - that's also why deobfuscators can also remove some of the protection types of other obfuscation tools, too.

    Other protections (like renaming of variables / methods) can't be undone, and still add significant complexity for a malicious person who might wish to understand your IP - but fundamentally even in these cases, an obfuscator can never provide complete protection; only make things more difficult. I think its a case of these tools can help protect your IP from most people, but a determined, and experienced enough developer would be able to ultimately work out what your code is doing.
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