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In you Alerts column would it be possible to have areas for Mirroring Alerts and Replication Alerts please? There are some key counters in each that would be really good shown in SQL Response. I use Mirroring Average Delay | Mirroring Send Queue | Mirroring Time Behind | Mirroring Redo Queue to track how mirroring is keeping up with the primary database and currently rely on emails from SQL Server alerts to flag up if there is an issue.

Maybe the "Cluster failover" alert would also move out to a High Availability group if Mirroring and Replication dont deserve individual groups?



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    Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I have submitted a feature request for the SQL Response Development Team to consider. The reference for this request is SSR-1369.

    The development team will now review your request and if approval is given, you will hopefully see Mirroring and Replication alerts in a future version of SQL Response.

    Unfortunately I do not know at this time what future version the requested feature will appear. I will be maintaining a watch on the request submitted and will update this forum post when I receive further information.

    Once again thank you for suggestion.

    Best Wishes
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