Upgrading from 3.x to 6.


I'm trying to upgrade our migration scripts going from to 6.
We keep our migration scripts in a separate folder from that which we've linked our db.
In the earlier version you could select a separate folder in SVN for your migration scripts. But I can't seem to find a similar functionality in 6.
According to https://documentation.red-gate.com/soc6/common-tasks/working-with-migration-scripts/upgrading-from-old-versions-of-migration-scripts
SC is supposed to detect my migration scripts and upgrade them to the new format. But when I look at my Commit-tab or the Migrations tab it hasn't detected any of them.
I tried moving the folder containing our migrations scripts into the db-folder but then I got other errors when trying to link the db.
What am I doing wrong here?


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    Mike UMike U Posts: 315 Gold 1
    Yes, in the migrations feature in SoC 5 and later, migration scripts are stored in a subfolder of the main scripts folder, not in a separate repository location. The upgrade process should work as described in the documentation assuming you had the database linked with a previous version of SoC, but it is possible that something has gone wrong in version 6. We'll investigate that and get back to you. We may need more detailed information about the contents of your repository; if we do, I'll ask the support team to get in touch with you directly.

    In the meantime, you could try a multi-step upgrade process rather than trying to go directly from version 3 to 6.
    1. First, you should go back to your initial version,, and make sure the database is correctly linked to source control, and all migration scripts show up as expected.
    2. Next, upgrade SQL Source Control to version 5.1.0 (you can download this from http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/SQLSourceControl/SQLSourceControl_5.1.0.2572.exe) and allow it upgrade all migration scripts to the new format. Commit this upgrade.
    3. Finally, allow the built-in Check For Updates mechanism to upgrade you to version 6.0.2 (or just download it directly from http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/SQLSourceControl/SQLSourceControl_6.0.2.6908.exe)

    I hope that helps, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
    Development Lead
    Redgate Software
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