The latest stable build of SQL Prompt is (6th December)

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What's new?

This build of SQL Prompt includes these improvements:
  • SP-6721 : Fixed several hyperlinks to online documentation in SQL Prompt UI.
  • SP-6692 : Insert semicolons before WITH clause.
  • SP-6703 : Fix unqualified column name issue detection for the CONTAINSTABLE function.
  • SP-6715 : Missing space in alias definition.
  • SP-6708 : XML Data Type Method reported as UDF
See the full release notes for full details


If you find any issues with this release, please post them on this forum.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please post them on our suggestions forum so other users can vote for them.
Michael Clark
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  • sdkssdks Posts: 20 Bronze 1
    edited November 24, 2017 11:19AM
    After install SQL Prompt menu disappeared from VS2017. In SSMS it works well

    UPDATE: After updating VS from 15.4.3 to 15.4.4 menu appeared
  • itsgregitsgreg Posts: 1 New member
    After upgrading to SQL Prompt 9 from SQL Prompt 7 lost all of my snippets. Lost all open tabs. Lost all tab history. Not very happy right now.
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