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feature request - filter/alert by process name

fatherjack2fatherjack2 Posts: 311
edited December 8, 2008 3:52AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I only have the demo version installed currently whilst I persuade the man with the budget to shell out the necessary for our servers but have noticed that the alerts I am getting fall into two broad categories:
1 - "Oh yeah, that always takes that long, etc"
2 - "Need to look at that"

those in category 1 are things like backups, replication, etc that have a set Process Name value and can really be ignored. If my merge process has a block then its no catastrophe, especially if its only blocking itself or if a backup job (we use SQL Backup) takes a normal duration the Long running query alert is triggered (SQBCoreService.exe is the process name) and leads to a false alert. I cant filter out the process to avoid this getting in and muddying the waters of the SQL that is attempting data access and is running slowly - a Category 2 alert.

Is there any way to allow for different thresholds for alerts according to parameters other than server and alert? If we could add a new alert that is a copy of the original but has a higher/lower threshold for a particular process please?


also just found out that if i clear an alert it isnt that particular instance of the alert that is cleared, its the whole list of alerts in view. I just 60 alerts when i only wanted to get shot of the one that was in the details view. Is there any way to view the occurrences in a table/grid for an alert rather than the drop down list box please?

thanks again

PS still havent got the budget sorted yet :( !

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    Thanks for your feedback. I've logged your feature request to display and configure processes based alerts by process name as issue SSR-1350.

    I think this would solve both of your issues and we will consider this for a future version of SQL Response.

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    Having spent more time in the application I think these are being grouped together because the Detail column is blank/empty. Maybe just getting the Process Name or something into the Detail if the Detail is otherwise empty would sort it ...?



    Senior DBA
    Careers South West Ltd
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