Generated Comparison Results Report - Interactive HTML - Scrolling Behavior Intended or Bug

bmjohnson82bmjohnson82 Minneapolis, MN Posts: 10 Bronze 2
I'm using SQL Compare ( After I generate a comparison report as interactive HTML and open it in my browser I've been able to duplicate the behavior I'll describe in both IE 11 and Chrome (59.0.3071.115). If I click a result to see the details (details in the bottom pane), and if the details require a scroll bar, if I scroll down to say the bottom when I click a different result that also has a scroll bar, the bar stays scrolled to the same position as the previous set of detailed results I was looking at. I'd expect the intended behavior to reset the scroll bar to the top of the details pane when a different comparison result is clicked on, or is the behavior I'm describing intended?


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