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Code layout - The Diff between Standard & Pro - What is this

EdCardenEdCarden Posts: 137 Silver 2
edited December 8, 2008 12:27PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
The difference between the Pro & Standard versions of SQLPrompt according to Red-Gates documentation on line is that Pro includes Code Layout.

What is not clear or explained that I can find is what exactly is Code Layout? Can anyone give a thorough exlination of what Code Layout is and ideally an example to show what this allows the SQL Promt PRO user to do that the SQL Prompt Standard user can not?



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    The code layout functionality allows you to layout your sql code and customize the way that it looks. This can help to make the code more readable or can be used to keep the layout of code consistent across a team. For details you can look at the help file which goes into more depth -

    http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... c52128.htm
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    EdCardenEdCarden Posts: 137 Silver 2

    Thanks for replying. i read the info at the link provided and it does give mroe about the Layout feature but it is still vague in details and I am assuming it probably makes more sense when you read it if you have the Pro version and are working in it in the SQL Layout feature while reading the info at that link.

    Just to make sure I understand this correctly, the SQL Layout feature basically allows one to change what values (I.E. amount of indentation, which words are considered RESERVED, FUNCTION, ect) SQLPrompt uses when re-formatting the T-SQL code in the active window when you have SQLPrompt enabled. So if normally the word SELECT is recognized as a RESERVED word in SQLPrompt, in SQLPrompt Pro I can tell it to not recognize SELECT as a RESERVED word thereby causing SQLPrompt top not make any formatting changes to it.

    That sound about right?

    If yes then this feature alone makes the choice of Versions a no-brainer. In fact I have to wonder if there should even be 2 versions since the ability to specify what formatting to use should really be a default feature.

    Thanks again for the help!
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