Structures.BITMAP and Structures.BITMAPINFO show Structures.BITMAPINFOHEADER contents

wj1swj1s Posts: 1
edited June 7, 2017 10:14AM in PInvoke.Net
I noticed when navigating to, the contents of the page are actually (starting after the Summary). I then realized I had had the same issue earlier when looking at the page which shows contents.

I then started looking for other examples to confirm my suspicion and found that, without fail, the wrong contents display in any page where that page's URL is a substring of the URL of another page.

A couple of other examples I came across:
The last example I found to be the most compelling.

The correct contents can be seen by viewing previous revisions from the Revisions list. However it would seem that there is a bug preventing the viewing the latest version of any affected page.



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