Does Red Gate Compare Engine work with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 - 13.0.4202.2 (X64)?

Hi , we use Red Gate Compare Engine every day. Now we has our first shot with SQL Server 2016 Express Edition and got this error while registering a target db for structure update:

Unhandled Exception: RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.SqlCompareException: A duplicate
object name has been found. This may occur if the SQL Server that you are regist
ering is case sensitive but the case sensitive option is not set. ---> System.Ar
gumentOutOfRangeException: We don't have DMV queries available for SqlServer2014

Parameter name: ServerMajorVersion
at #mWo.#3gOd.#bXge()
at #mWo.#3gOd.CaseCheck()
at #mWo.#KYo.#4np(DBPopulationOptions #1BCc)
at #mWo.#KYo.Populate(DBPopulationOptions #YBCc)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at #mWo.#KYo.Populate(DBPopulationOptions #YBCc)
at RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.Database.Register(ConnectionProperties connectio
nProperties, Options options, IDmvModelFactory factory)
at EtaskDatabaseUpdater.Program.DirectUpdateStructure(Logger log, Config conf
at EtaskDatabaseUpdater.Program.Main(String[] args)

I am unsure, if i have config options at the database, or if i must change my compare software.


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    Hello Klaus,

    You are correct that SQL Server 2016 is only supported by SQL Compare 12. I'd suggest that you download a free trial to verify that this version fixes your problem. The reported version of 2014 from the error message is likely referring to the compatibility level of the database, which can be older than the server version (e.g. if a backup is restored to a newer server).

    Additionally, it looks like you are hitting an issue with duplicate objects; perhaps the other database in your comparison has objects with case collisions.
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    Redgate Software
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