PInvoke.Net has been attacked

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edited May 15, 2017 9:36AM in PInvoke.Net
Sadly, a user has destroyed many pages in PInvoke this night and added some fake functions with obscene names.
Please reset the corrupted pages.


  • Hi, thanks for posting this, we're taking steps to rectify this, for the meantime PInvoke has been taken down.
  • is back online now, but in read-only mode for the foreseeable future. We're investigating options for bringing back its full functionality.
  • We think that we have managed to fully restore the site, but its possible that there might be some missing data. If you find any links that aren't working properly, please let us know and we'll investigate.
  • The indexes don't seem to be working right.
    Searching for and choosing FindWindow goes to the page for FindWindowEX, GetText goes to GetTextLength, CreateIcon goes to CreateIconIndirect, etc. It seems that links to any API function which is a sub-string of a longer API function is always going to the API with the longest name.
  • A lot of pages are modded to be incorrect, removing useful information and otherwise 'redirects' to other API now. For example:

    The page is not even the correct API, (if you go back 1 revision its fine). The new code even has vulgar language in it mocking whoever submitted the example. There are a ton of pages like this now.

    Rather than having the wiki openly editable why not moderate the changes?
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    Hi @atom0s,

    Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

    All editing is still disabled on the site. The page you have linked to was last updated in 2007 so wasn't affected by our recent rollback.
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