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edited February 6, 2017 11:42AM in SQL Data Compare

I have been having an issue while exporting and I wondered if anyone else has encountered the same thing. When I export if I export to a folder that has any existing file, related to SQL Data Compare or not, it will completely erase any file within that folder and replace the files with my exported files from SQL Data Compare. The files that are being erased could be PDFs, Word Documents, Excel Documents, ect. Anything that is stored in that folder. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there another way to export without deleting files?

Thank you!!


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    The "confirm overwrite" prompt is probably too vague, and could be worded more specifically if Data Compare is going to delete all files and subdirectories.

    I've created a bug report, SDC-2242 describing the problem.

    Out of interest, what did you expect Data Compare to do? Delete all CSV files perhaps, or just replace files with the same name as a new file?
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    If I could add my findings, because I am seeing the same thing.

    On the first export, I chose a single table to export (Table1) and it created dbo.Table1.csv and Results Summary.csv. I think chose to export a different table from the results (Table2), and I received the "directory not empty" message.

    I expected it to create the new dbo.Table2.csv document, without affecting my previous table export. If the results summary.csv needs to be replaced, it would be understandable. But why replace a table's export document when I had not selected it to export again?

    Also, another issue that I see is the "Rows to include" doesn't seem to work. I chose just "Different", but the entire table was exported. I expect that just the rows in that table which were different would be exported.
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    We've just released version to frequent updates, which contains improvements to this workflow. Does this behaviour better match your expectations?
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