Issues with testing Slack integration

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Have just installed v and I am attempting to set up an integration to our Slack instance. I realize that this is still in Beta but I wonder if someone can help with where to get more detailed information/logging on failures for the testing.

I have configured a valid:

Slack WebHook URL
Slack channel
Slack username

But once I choose the "Send Test Notification" after about 10 seconds of it looking to attempt this I get this super useful message:

"Unable to send test message. Please check your settings. "

I have looked in both the Base Monitor server and Webserver Windows event logs and also downloaded all of the SQL Monitor logs and cant find anything obvious where the actual error is being logged.

I have noticed that RedGate seem to assume for the Reporting (Beta) module that there is an Internet connection available as I can see many errors in the custom "Red Gate Software" event log as as below (this might be an aside by was something I noticed had only started after I installed this latest version.

2016-11-01 00:34:37,816 [Redgate.Usage.AsynchronousUsageApiClient] ERROR RedGate.Response.UI.Website.MvcApplication [(null)] - Usage reporting request made to https://productusage.red-gate.com/v1/usageevents
Number of submitted usage events = 1
HTTP status code =
Response body =
System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx


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    Hi Joe,

    I'm looking into this for you and will update you when I have more information.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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    amalia_tracyamalia_tracy Posts: 13 New member
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    It has happened sometimes that Slack Notifications do not work. This error arises for various reasons and some of them are: Notifications Manager has determined that Slack notifications are not important; Do Not Disturb mode is preventing the notifications from going through, New notification behavior is not working properly, Quiet Hours (Focus Assist) is delaying Slack notifications and many other possible reasons. No worries because here we have some methods to resolve this error.

    1) Read all your pending messages:
    i). Users can solve this issue by reading all pending Slack messages. This will also send the right signals to Windows 10 that would make it possible that you would receive more messages in the future. For further info click the following link.
    you can do it by opening your Slack app, tap on each new messages to read it.
    ii). After that close Slack and reboot your system. In case Windows was formerly seeing Slack notifications as not significant, this action should have altered now.
    iii). At the end when the startup is complete, monitor Slack’s behavior and see if you start receiving notifications.

    2) Reverting back to the previous notification behavior:
    i). As initial tap step Windows key + R to start the Run dialog box and write this instruction slack://notReallyWindows10 and press enter.
    ii). At the end reboot your system and see if you start receiving notifications or not.

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    amalia_tracyamalia_tracy Posts: 13 New member
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    Hope above answer will helpful for you. thanks.
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