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randyvrandyv Posts: 166
edited November 10, 2008 6:18AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
First, really like the product!

Couple of things (IMHO) would make it even better...
1) when spids/processes are listed out (as in deadlock performance snapshot) sortable headers would help out tremendously. So, for instance if spid 89 and 465 were deadlocked, being able to sort the spids would make it easier to find in the listing. Also, unless I just cannot find them in the list because I cannot sort it and I'm blind... on the deadlock performance snapshot I'm looking at now, I cannot see in the list the processes that were deadlocked - shouldn't they be there?

2) CLIPBOARD SUPPORT! It would be useful to be able to copy/paste some of this information (such as a list of spids).

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