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Automap "feature"

jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2
edited October 6, 2016 8:23AM in SQL Data Compare
Is there a way to disable the auto-map feature in the options or alternatively on the specific tables in the table comparison dialog? I have a lot of tables where the column names differ just on the suffix and the automap then maps them together. For example the columns GUARREF and GUARREF_NII would be auto-mapped between two tables but I do not want them to be auto-mapped.


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    Are you using SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare?

    SQL Data Compare does not do any automatic column mapping.

    SQL Compare does automatically map similarly named columns and, while there is no way to turn this behaviour off globally, it can be turned off for individual columns on the 'Table mapping' tab on the project dialog.
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    jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2

    Correct, it should go to SQLCompare. And no, I do not want to disable this manually table by table if I deal with 10s or 100s of columns in a variety of tables. This should be an optional flag as you are overriding explicit table/column design choices.
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    I can understand that having to do this manually for so many tables and columns is not an acceptable solution.

    An option to disable this behaviour globally is a feature that has been requested before on our UserVoice page:

    https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/14 ... feature-co

    Adding your input their will help us prioritize the feature.
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