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the list of top queries for a specific database doesn't refresh when I change the time interval to be obeserved. In contrast to that, the other database metrics shown in this overview are correctly refreshed.
=> Workaround at the moment:
After having changed the time interval, switch to another database and then back to the database I'm interested in.
Observed in version


  • Hi Joerg,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I'm just building a VM to try and replicate this behaviour before escalating it to development. Bear with me and I'll update this when I've done so.
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  • I'm not sure if this is actually a bug.

    What happens is when you change that time period, for example to look at 'Last 6 hours' rather than 'Last 12 hours', the screen doesn't refresh. This is because the time window in the graph has not changed, just the time period shown. For example, you can have a two hour window on the view set to 24 hours, then reduce the time shown (to 12 hours for example), but the actual window you're looking at is still that same two hour period.

    It's only when you adjust the actual window that you're looking at that the page will refresh and update.

    I hope this makes sense?
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  • Hi Russel,

    => Resizing the observation period using the sliders in the overview chart at the top resets the timespan that all the charts below are based on.
    Even the values for Top 10 Queries at server scope are refreshed correctly (I've sent you some screenshots via email).
    => At the database level, only the charts are refreshed correctly NOT the Top Queries values.
    The only workaround I found to correctly refresh the values for top queries of a database, after having changed the timespan, is to witch to another dtabase and then back to the original db.

    Joerg Hencke
  • HI Joerg,

    We've fixed this bug and it will be rolled into the next release, which we hope to get out shortly. I'll keep you posted.
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