Monitoring > 80 servers - recommendation on architecture

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I am monitoring in excess of 80 servers, soon to be over 100 servers. Is it recommended that the database server housing the sql monitor database be separate from the sql monitor "web/application" server, or should they all be together?

The server right now has 48GB memory and 16core 2.5Ghz CPU'. Hard drives are RAID 0 SSD SAN. It's a beefy machine, but want to make sure I'm following recommendations for monitoring this many servers.



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    I don't think there is any official recommendations in the Help guide.
    I'm sure RedGate will confirm if that's correct or not.
    As a general rule, I would never run anything else on a server with SQL Server apart from SQL Server itself - the base monitor can be quite resource hungry.
    I have 50 instances to monitor and have the database on one server and the Base monitorwebsite on another and that works well.
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