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Serial number for "server" components of SQL Toolbelt

annieluxtonannieluxton Posts: 4 New member
edited July 31, 2016 12:42PM in DLM Automation
Hi there,

We've just purchased 8 licenses of SQL Toolbelt. I would like to activate DLM Automation on our TeamCity build agents and Octopus server.

This page - https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... /Licensing - tells me I should have two serial numbers since SQL Toolbelt is a bundle which contains both server and client tools: "If you've bought a bundle or suite of products, your serial number activates all the products in the bundle or suite. For bundles containing both server and client tools (such as the SQL Toolbelt) you will have two serial numbers."

However, I can only see one when I go to our account>serial numbers page.

Can someone please help me find the serial number with which to activate DLM Automation for TeamCity and Octopus?



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    DevOpsFTWDevOpsFTW Posts: 2 New member
    I have the same questions. Would like to have server components and non-server components installed separately but I only have one serial number. I bought SQL Toolbelt ~6 months ago.

    Specifically, it would be great to have my CI server as a headless unit, and all the end-user tools on another server. Example would be DLM on the CI server and SQL Prompt on another.
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