Alerts at SERVER time, NOT UTC! PLEASE!

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For the love of all DBA's with servers in multiple time zones (yes, this happens), for goodness sake STOP emailing the time of the Alert based on the SQL Monitor's Regional Settings.

In 2016, this statement from the page at https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SM5/Alerts, is nigh on unbelievable, "All alert times in SQL Monitor are displayed in the local time of your web browser, regardless of where the Base monitor server or your monitored servers are located." And that's it? Nothing to say that, for example, "you can configure SQL Monitor to adjust the Alert Time to that of the monitored server, because SQL Monitor is smart enough to have extracted the local server time from a GETDATE()/GETUTCDATE()/gimme-the-time-zone-adjusted-'now'-time, when the Alert was detected".

I'm on Pacific US time (PDT or PST, depending on the Saving Time of year). Other Support personnel are in South Africa (UTC+1), others in the US, on EDT.

SQL Monitor - it's on Azure - oh look, UTC, forever and always.

2 SQL Instances on 2 servers on Eastern US time - Alerts in UTC - USELESS.
10 SQL Instances on 10 servers on Central US time - Alerts in UTC - USELESS.
2 SQL instances on 2 servers on Pacific US time - Alerts in UTC - USELESS.
1 SQL instance on UK time (which, as you aware, also has Daylight Saving Time!) - Alerts in UTC - USELESS when on DST.
2 SQL instances on 2 servers in Hong Kong - Alerts in UTC - USELESS.

Get my drift...

Is there ANY configuration in SQL Monitor that says something like, "Issue any Alert based on the Monitored Server's SQL server time"?

If so, please, where?

If not, why on earth not? I don't have time to keep converting UTC to DST-non-DST times, just so I can track down when the Alert actually happened!

Is there ANY help out there......?

UTC is mentioned ONCE in the v5 documentation, at https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SM5/Finding+additional+metric+information Maybe searching for something other than UTC might get me the information, but for what? "Regional" - nope, zero results.

Perhaps "Alert" should be "Merely a suggestion of a problem that you'll have to work out when it actually happened at the place it happened..."

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    Just to let you know that the developers have put this onto the enhancement list for the next sprint, starting next week. I can't guarantee that it will make it into the product but they are going to at least discuss it and investigate the matter.
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