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What does "SSF" actually stand for?

SupiluliumaIISupiluliumaII Posts: 16 Bronze 2
edited May 3, 2016 10:58AM in SQL Prompt
When you type "ssf" and hit tab (or depending on your configuration a different key), SQL Prompt expands it to "SELECT * FROM".
But why "SSF"?! Shouldn't it rather be "SAF"? Because that would work as an acronym for "SELECT [asterisk] FROM" or alternatively "SELECT [all] FROM".

(I am aware that this might not be the most pressing question of all time but it has been bothering me...)


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi SupiluliumaII,

    The ssf snippet stands for "Select Star From".

    "Select All From", "Select Asterisk From" or "Select Wildcard From" would also all make sense, but typing ssf is just a little easier than saf or swf.

    The default snippets that come with SQL Prompt can be customized through the snippet manager so feel free to rename it to "saf" if that's easier to remember for you :)

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    SupiluliumaIISupiluliumaII Posts: 16 Bronze 2
    Hi Aaron,

    yeah, that's what I thought ;)
    Thanks for clarifying though.

    BTW, this was your chance to come up with some awesome name like "Super Selection Function" or something... Missed that! :mrgreen:
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