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Merging of managed & unmanaged dll using smart assembly

ThyagarajThyagaraj Posts: 2
edited April 21, 2016 10:23AM in SmartAssembly
We have requirement of merging multiple dll's into single dll. I want to merge both unmanaged dll & managed dll into single dll.
​Please find below the details
Merging dlls built on same .NET language
Merging Unmanaged and managed assemblies(.TLB,.LIB)
Merge dlls which refers to the unmanaged assemblies

My client want to rely on a single Mobile SDK library,they don't want to include multiple libraries into application.

We are Embedding the unmanaged dll ex . .winmd/ windows runtime or 3rd party dll into managed dll .
After that we are tried to merge the managed dll which had unmanaged dll(.winmd or 3rd party dll) as embedded resource into other unmanaged dlls.

But its not working properly.

I have two questions

1) We have C++ library(windows Runtime component i.e. .winmd file).This we want to merge to C# dll & access the C++ functions in the C# library.
Will Smart Assembly perform the above mentioned functionality.

2) Is it possible to Obfuscate the ( C++ windows Runtime component i.e. .winmd file). ?

I need to know if Smart assembly will solve this issue.

If it solves the above mentioned issue, then we will plan to buy the tool

Please provide your valuable comments.
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