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For some reason a few weeks ago, one of the servers in our 5 node cluster decided to add each of the SQL instances in that cluster underneath it in Monitored Servers.

We have suspended monitoring of these instances but cant see any way to actually remove them (aside from removing the cluster itself).

If we mark the check box beside any of them in the "More Actions" menu the "Remove Server" remains greyed out.


Can you please advise how we would go about getting rid of these.

We also have a similar situation in another environment where we migrated two SQL instances from one server to another and they still show up under the old server (now as "Suspended") but we want them removed. Let me know if you need more details here.

If this cant be done from the front end, is there a script that we can run to do this from the back end ?


  • Hi Joe,

    In version 5 we have made the default behaviour to automatically discover the cluster and all of its nodes, along with all standalone and clustered instances and any availability groups, by putting in any node of the cluster or the cluster name itself and any new nodes or instances added are automatically detected and added to be monitored (see the documentation here under step 3). Due to this behaviour it doesn't make sense to be able to remove any of the sub elements since they would automatically be re-discovered.

    These instances that have appeared seem to be standalone instances for the node under which they are indented below in the image.

    As for the instances showing on both the old and new servers - this is going to be related to the historical data still being present for those entities related to the old server when they existed there - once the purge process (Configuration > Data purging) has cleared the data historical data away they should no longer display for the old machine.

    From version 5.0.4 when the elements are suspended they should no longer show in the UI on any page other than the Configuration > Monitored servers page.

    I hope this helps clarify the behaviour!

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