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Wildcard filtering is completely broken

mbraymbray Posts: 9 Bronze 1
edited October 10, 2015 4:51PM in SQL Search
The help icon next to the search box says I can use % as a wildcard (like SQL) and AND/OR/NOT operators... I have a bunch of stored procedures in my database, and when I search for "app_tpm" I get 6 results (I'm also filtering by stored procedures only):

app_tpm_listByID / Text
app_tpm_setStatus / Name
app_tpm_SetStatus / Text
app_tpm_getJob / Name
app_tpm_getJob / Text
app_tpm_listByID / Name

The key point being that I see each of the three stored procedures twice - once for the name, and once for the text.

When I search for "app_tpm%" I see the same 6 objects.. ok no problem. but when I search for "app_tpm%l" (l as in "list") then I only see one result - app_tpm_getJob / Text. It's true that app_tpm_getJob does contain the text "app_tpm_listByID" but the results don't actually include app_tpm_listByID at all. Furthermore, when I add the second letter, so when I search by "app_tpm%li" then I get no results at all, even though I should get the two procedures named "app_tpm_listByID" (one by name and one by text) and the app_tpm_getJob (text).

The boolean search is broken too, although in a better way... "app_tpm AND list" returns four results, but should only return three (the extra is app_tpm_getJob / Name)... But, it only works if I write AND/OR in upper case, which is a pain. It shouldn't care about upper/lower case, like SQL.

This isn't the quality I've come to expect from RedGate, especially since this tool (and current major version) appear to have been out for almost 18 months. I get that it's free, but as it stands, it's unreliable... and unreliable means unusable. Please fix!
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