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Windows 10 - DB Chooser Freeze

EimmermanEimmerman Posts: 7
edited November 11, 2015 12:17AM in SQL Compare 11
We are having a problem in our office with both SQL Compare 11 and SQL Data Compare 11. This is happening on multiple machines under Windows 10. It is happening on Surface Tablets and DELL tower PCs. All machines running Windows 10. This does not occur in Windows 8.1.

The issue is that after you type your Username into the Database Selector the app freezes until you background it and bring it back to the foreground. See this video I recorded of the issue: https://youtu.be/T9lHh0s2-7Y

Basically when you press tab on the username box you are frozen until you background the app and foreground it again. Then when you start typing the password it again freezes. It seems to be listening for the keystrokes because if you type the correct password and then background the app and foreground it again it will have the correct password in the password box. And the DB box will be populated with DBs.

Please let me know what additional info I can provide to help solve this issue.



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    Hi there

    Apologies for the inconvenience - this is currently a known issue with some machines running Windows 10. We don't know what the underlying cause is yet, but the workaround seems to be killing tabtip.exe or disabling the touch keyboard, as described here: http://superuser.com/questions/524453/d ... n-keyboard

    Thanks for the video - I can reproduce something similar on my machine, but it only happens when I actually have the touch keyboard open, so it needs a bit more investigation on our part to see what particular setup actually causes this problem.
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    We have multiple machines of different brands with the issue. If there is anything we can do to help you troubleshoot I would be happy to try it. If you need me to run a debug version or provide some logging let me know.

    I will try to disable the onscreen keyboard tomorrow when I get into the office to at least make sure it is the same issue.

    Is this the only thread on the topic, or should I be watching another thread for a fix?

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    I can reproduce something similar on my machine, but it only happens when I actually have the touch keyboard open


    I did a quick survey in the office and everybody who is having the issue does indeed have a touch screen. I also confirmed that if I disable the on screen keyboard the problem goes away. Please let me know if you need additional details.

    I will follow this thread for updates.

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    I'm having this exact same issue on my Surface Pro 3 after doing the W10 upgrade. Don't really have anything to add, more wanted to subscribe to the thread in case a fix is posted. Thx!
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    They put in a support ticket for me. And have promised to look at it. But this very painful bug is still occurring and the support ticket has not been updated in any way. My entire office is experiencing this issue. Any update RedGate??
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    I can also confirm that this issue occurs for me. It is quite time consuming.

    OS: Windows 10
    Touch screen: Acer T232HL

    I find the issue is when I enter the Password field. I can confirm that unplugging the USB cable from my touchscreen eliminates the issue entirely.
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    Same issue for me, Windows 10 DELL P2714 Touch. I have a multi-screen system and the DB chooser freezes if the Dell unit is power up. But if I open SQL compare on a different screen and power down the DELL unit everything works fine.Hope Redgate can fix soon as I am evaluating Redgate products (Not just SQLCompare) on behalf of our support group.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for fixing this bug (in SQL Compare version 11.3.9)
    http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... ease+notes
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    Awesome! Just downloaded the update and it does indeed appear to be fixed. Thx!
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