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WaykoWayko Posts: 2
i have a question about the Source Control for Oracle:
Is it posible to check in only a selection from tables/functions/views and not the complete schema? If yes, can someone explain this to me?


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    Thank you for your forum post.

    To achieve what you are seeking, when reviewing the objects to be committed on the 'Commit changes' tab simply uncheck the object that you do not wish to commit before the clicking the commit button. Or, much better solution is to setup a filter as per this help ARTICLE. When you exclude an object with a filter, it isn't shown on the Commit changes tab, the Get latest tab, or the Undo changes dialog box. This means you can never commit, get, or undo an excluded object. This is useful, for example, if there's a set of objects that you never want to commit.

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