Latest SQL Release News - July 2015

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SQL Release - further improvements to the Changes.html report
You can jump straight to the changes you want to review by clicking on the Added, Removed and Modified buttons. You can also expand and collapse the SQL for each object, so it’s easier to see the details you’re interested in.

SQL Release - three new parameters added
The new cmdlet parameters let you:
  • Change the timeout duration for batches of queries in the Update.sql script
  • Include identical objects in the Changes.html report
  • Specify a SQL Server instance for the temporary database build instead of using LocalDB. This means Redgate Migrations V2 beta users can use features that LocalDB doesn’t support, such as Full-Text Indexing
We've also added the first two to the Redgate step templates available from the Octopus Deploy Library ( We'll add the third one next week.

The latest release also includes the most recent versions of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

What’s next?
We’re currently working on making installation easier and will tell you more next time. In the meantime, check the release notes every Wednesday to see what we've released (
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